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Working as a contractor through an IT outsourcing company

The Polish ICT sector has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with the IT industry's value increasing by up to 19% in Europe. As a result, job offers in the industry continue to increase, and more companies are turning to IT contracting as a solution. So, what exactly is IT contracting? What does it entail to work with an IT contractor? What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a contractor to work on a project? And, is being an IT contractor lucrative? This article provides answers to these and other questions.

Working as a contractor through an it outsourcing company

Table of content:

  • What is IT contracting?

  • Who is an IT contractor?

  • When should you consider IT contracting in Poland?

  • What does the cooperation with an IT contractor look like?

  • What are the advantages of IT contracting for the company?

  • Is the company’s cooperation with an IT contractor worth it?

  • Advantages for the IT contractor

  • Cons for the IT contractor

  • Cooperation with an IT outsourcing company

  • Outsourcing IT in Poland

What is IT contracting?

To put it simply, IT contracting refers to the provision of services in a flexible manner. This type of collaboration allows for the engagement of specific IT experts for a defined period of time. As a result, a single IT specialist with particular skills can provide much-needed support to an entire team of programmers for a set duration.

Who is an IT contractor?

Are you looking for a skilled professional in a specific IT field for a specific project or task? An IT contractor could be the solution. These specialists possess extensive experience and niche skills and work with IT outsourcing companies, allowing them to be hired for precisely defined periods. Our agency, based in Warsaw, Poland, specializes in IT recruitment and stays up-to-date with programming trends and news to provide the best services. If you have any questions about IT recruitment, contracts (UoP or B2B), or other IT-related services, please don't hesitate to contact us. Additionally, please take a look at our recommendations for further information.

When should you consider IT contracting in Poland?

When we require specific and narrow skills for a limited duration, IT contracting is an excellent option. An IT specialist with the requisite expertise joins the team or project for a specified period. This eliminates the need to invest significant time in recruitment and hiring for a permanent programmer, as they join the team temporarily for a set number of hours or months. The process is swift, making it an ideal solution for urgent deadlines.

What does the cooperation with an IT contractor look like?

When hiring an IT contractor, an outsourcing company will provide a contract that outlines the specific work goals and requirements for the IT specialist to implement within the client company. The contract will also specify the time and location of the cooperation. Additionally, the outsourcing company will calculate a fee for the client, ensuring that the programmer sent to the company has been verified and possesses the necessary technical and soft skills.

What are the advantages of IT contracting for the company?

  • When a company needs a specific skill set for a project and doesn't have an employee with those skills, they can hire an IT contractor. This is a good solution when the company's budget for permanent employment is limited, and they need extra help to meet project deadlines. Rather than hiring a new IT specialist with a long-term contract, the client can select an IT contractor for a specific task or stage of the project and determine the duration of the collaboration.

  • The outsourcing company is responsible for settling accounts with the IT contractor, and they handle matters like contract signing, payment of remuneration, and HR and payroll services. The outsourcing company conducts negotiations with the IT contractor on various matters such as pay raises, career path discussions, and termination of cooperation. Outsourcing firms often inform the client about important issues that help with candidate management. Typically, a single IT contractor is managed by the Line Manager on the client's side.

  • Outsourcing companies can provide all the necessary equipment and workplace for the IT contractor's work. Some companies like ours also offer a recruiting service. The client does not start cooperation with a random contractor, but with a person who has gone through all stages of the recruitment process and is tailored to the needs of the organization.

Is the company’s cooperation with an IT contractor worth it?

When hiring an IT contractor, their salary already includes all necessary costs, including administration and outsourcing fees. Therefore, most of the documentation preparation falls on the outsourcing company.

Hiring an IT specialist on a contract basis can be more cost-effective, as they bring a wealth of experience and specialized skills to the project for a specified period of time. Directly employing such talent can be time-consuming and expensive, as they typically demand higher salaries for their advanced expertise.

Overall, if the project only requires an IT expert for a specific part, keeping them on for an extended period may result in high costs. However, if additional skills are later needed, it's easy to switch contractors and fill gaps in the team for a short time. Additionally, working with an external employee can increase the competencies of the current team.What can you gain by being an IT contractor?

The IT contractor’s salary is agreed between them and the outsourcing company. IT outsourcing agency also takes care of many aspects that support the candidate and end up being profitable for both parties. Good IT outsourcing companies take care of their contractors and want them to receive tailored projects to them, from which they will be satisfied, both in terms of earnings and preferred technologies. What are the other advantages of this collaboration?

Advantages for the IT contractor

There is an excellent opportunity to gain extensive experience by working on multiple projects with various teams of IT experts. This will enable you to build a professional career and establish your position in the IT job market. The available project proposals allow you to work in an international environment while utilizing the latest technologies. The specific project you work on will be determined by the contractor's needs, which they will communicate to the IT outsourcing company. The outsourcing company is responsible for finding projects and providing work for the IT contractor. Additionally, they support communication with immediate supervisors. As an IT recruitment agency and outsourcing company, we value good relationships with IT contractors. To foster this, we organize integration events once a quarter, to which they are invited. Our aim is to make IT contractors feel like a part of our team.

Cons for the IT contractor

Depending on the terms of your contract, you may only receive bonus pay for the duration of the project. In the event that the IT outsourcing company is unable to provide work for a contractor, they may have to wait on the "bench." While some contractors may not enjoy this situation, it can be an opportunity for others to focus on self-improvement outside of work. For those who enjoy routine and stability, contract work may prove challenging as it often requires working with multiple clients throughout the year. However, for those seeking new challenges and professional growth, contract work can provide valuable experience and career growth opportunities.

Cooperation with an IT outsourcing company

Partnering with an IT outsourcing company can offer numerous benefits for both the client and the contractor. Through a contractual agreement, companies can hire a highly skilled IT professional who meets their specific requirements and has been thoroughly evaluated in terms of technical and interpersonal skills. As for the contractor, working with an outsourcing firm provides opportunities to acquire new skills and broaden their expertise. When it comes to salary negotiations or contract terms, the IT outsourcing company takes care of ensuring the satisfaction of the contractor, as well as fostering a mutually satisfying partnership with the client.

Outsourcing IT in Poland

Heads Here offers IT contracting as a service that you can discuss with our IT outsourcing team. If you have any questions or are considering establishing such cooperation, please reach out to us. We are here to assist you and provide the best IT contracting services. Additionally, you can find more information about IT outsourcing here.


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