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Recruitment in Retainer Fee and Success Fee Models: Practices at Heads Here

Collaboration between recruitment agencies and clients can be based on the RF/SF (Retainer Fee / Success Fee) model, which is not limited by time and only ends when the right candidate is successfully hired for the client's team. It is important to note that clients have the option to assign us single or multiple recruitments, and we take care of the entire process, working together with your team to deliver the desired results.

Retainer fee and success fee models

Table of Contents

  • What is RF/SF at Heads Here?

  • RF/SF at Heads Here – Our Practices

  • Communication Swiftness

  • Regular Reporting

  • Team Sourcing

What is RF/SF at Heads Here?

At Heads Here, maintaining high collaboration standards is crucial, hence our recruiters handle fewer recruitment projects compared to the industry norm. Working on a maximum of 6 projects concurrently allows our recruiters to dedicate sufficient attention and time to clients, ensuring optimal results.

But that's not all! Here is a list of key practices drawn from our experience that significantly impact the efficient recruitment process and effective communication with our clients.

RF/SF at Heads Here – Our Practices

Kick-off Meeting

This initial hour-long discussion involves the project team at Heads Here engaging with the client. Using our developed methodology, we gather all details concerning the company, role, and client expectations. The aim is to equip us with comprehensive information from the start, enabling us to craft valuable communication (such as advertisement creation or candidate messaging). Moreover, it allows us to effectively address candidate queries.

Post-meeting, we provide a summary in a table format, ensuring both parties can review agreements at any time. This eliminates the need to revisit topics discussed during the kick-off, focusing only on additional issues arising, like detailed candidate queries.

From our experience, kick-off meetings significantly expedite the commencement of the recruitment process and facilitate collaboration between our team and the Hiring Manager.

Communication Swiftness

Throughout our years in recruitment, we've experimented with various communication forms and channels. It's evident that aside from regular email correspondence, utilizing Slack as a communication channel proves beneficial. This provides our clients with direct contact with the project lead, ensuring real-time updates on ongoing activities and process status.

Why emphasize efficient communication? It substantially impacts candidate interaction, significantly enhancing the likelihood of expediting the recruitment process! The overseeing recruiter regularly informs the client about the market perception of the offer and provides detailed briefs on each candidate’s motivation, experience, expectations, and availability.

Regular Reporting

Weekly, we send a report to each client. This transparent summary covers work completed during that period, the number of candidates in the process, and their recruitment stage annotations. The report includes comprehensive data, such as conversion information contextualized with market situations. Additionally, each report presents the next week's steps, suggesting process improvements.

Building partner relationships with clients is crucial, and transparent communication forms its foundation. Regular reports swiftly identify areas for process enhancement, ensuring security for both sides. Every involved party remains informed about ongoing developments.

Team Sourcing

Some recruitments pose challenges due to niche positions or market conditions. In such instances, our team evolves, involving additional members in these projects. How do we achieve this? At Heads Here, we’ve devised a team sourcing technique, involving a larger group of recruiters dedicating time to draft tailored messages for a specific recruitment project. In practice, within just an hour, we create as many personalized messages for potential candidates for a particular position as one recruiter might produce in several hours. This approach allows us to reach a maximum candidate pool within a relatively short time frame.

This strategy has successfully helped us overcome numerous recruitment challenges!


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