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AI Code Editor - The new profession in IT

The technology market is currently experiencing a surge in tools that utilize artificial intelligence. It's no surprise that people are drawn to an alternative that can expedite their daily tasks. AI is not only used by programmers but also by marketers and enthusiasts who are intrigued by the potential of ChatGPT. With all the excitement surrounding artificial intelligence, including the controversy over pineapple on pizza and its ban in Italy, it begs the question: could a new profession emerge - that of an editor of AI-generated code?

Ai code editor the new profession in it

AI Tools in the IT Market

One of the tools available to programmers is GitHub Copilot, which has been criticized for being a "code thief." However, it can analyze written code in real-time and provide suggestions for completing a code snippet or adding the next line based on context. This is made possible through the use of the Codex pattern, which is utilized in all OpenAI tools to translate human language into code. Copilot can automate simple daily tasks, such as creating basic code, which can save time.

Programmers often rely on GPT-3 as a tool to assist them in their work. This tool operates through the use of text commands, known as prompts. GPT-3 can be accessed directly through its API, making it accessible from anywhere on a computer. It can be integrated with plugins or IDEs. Notably, GPT-3 provides complete control over the text prompts sent to AI. This has resulted in the emergence of a new profession - the Prompt Engineer. The role of a Prompt Engineer is to create effective text commands that yield accurate and precise responses.

ChatGPT is a rapidly growing technology newcomer that has gained immense popularity. Its functionality is similar to GPT-3, but with an improved and user-friendly interface, along with additional features. This platform is not just limited to those in the tech industry, as it can be utilized by anyone, creating new job opportunities like Prompt Engineers and AI Code Editors.

What are some ways in which ChatGPT can be beneficial to a programmer's daily tasks?

Creating straightforward tests is a frequent use of this tool. The accuracy of your command determines the AI's response speed. When crafted correctly, AI can execute simple tests in mere seconds. Minor modifications may be required at times, but they significantly aid in daily tasks.

Collaborating with ChatGPT can be highly beneficial for various aspects of coding, such as explanations, editing, and translation. For those starting their journey in the IT field as programmers, the code translation feature can be particularly helpful. With just a simple query, ChatGPT can provide a comprehensive analysis of the code with easy-to-understand translations.

If you need to quickly transcribe code from one language to another, you can entrust this task to AI. While subsequent editing and revisions may still be required, this approach can significantly expedite your work and allow you to focus on other tasks.

Is an AI Code Editor a good idea?

The future of editing AI-written code looks promising for profitability. However, AI has its limitations and cannot fully replace humans just yet. Therefore, editing and a skilled eye are still necessary to correct any errors made by AI in code writing. Tools such as ChatGPT will be widely used to generate code and automate programmers' work, especially in complex projects. However, the responsibility for the correctness of the responses and code verification falls on an AI Code Editor. This editor not only corrects the answers generated by AI but also constructs appropriate prompts, making code verification more efficient. While AI holds tremendous potential, it is not a threat, but rather a helpful tool in certain cases. Even with its current capabilities not fully understood, it can still replace certain tasks.

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